Simon Cattlin AGAvA

Aviation Art, Aerospace Art, Astronomical Art, Abstract Art

All my HD footage is shot from the wingtip of an Extra EA300 aerobatic aircraft. The camera is positioned to avoid the propeller arc, and any platform reference, so all you get is the experience of a journey through a cloudscape just the way the pilot experiences it. Its a wonderful uplifting sensation and one to be shared.

The original 7 video's are produced at 1280 x 720, I'm already working on options and content for a wider range of formats and sizes. The footage is available in a downloadable format via file share plus being shipped anywhere in the world in both a .mov and raw format for individual editing. Please email or call to discuss any specific requirements.

The original 7 video's were all edited for specific music tracks:

SC2     Suggested soundtrack - Main Theme to "The Right Stuff"

SC3     Suggested soundtrack - "Into Dust" by Mazzy Star

SC4     Suggested soundtrack - "Army of Justice" from Archangel by Two Steps From Hell

SC5     Suggested soundtrack - "Refugees Return" by Bear McCreary from Battlestar Gallactica.

SC7     Suggested soundtrack - "Illusions" from Illusions by Thomas Bergersen

SC8     Suggested soundtrack - "Adagio for Strings" ( theme also used for the film Platoon )

SC9     Suggested soundtrack - "Unexplained Forces" from Archangel by Two Steps From Hell.

PRICE PER ITEM = £225.00

Please order via the contact page